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UK Summer Holidays

4,500 acres of Wilderness Reserve is your playground for a summer holiday in the UK. Now’s the time to get outside – stroll, picnic, bike and drink Pimms or fresh lemonade.

UK Summer holidays spent with family, or a week-long trip with close friends. It’s up to you whether you do nothing, or every activity under the sun.

Getting Active
Socialise over a game of tennis on the estate grounds, or steal a moment of ‘me time’ with an energetic bike ride. Pack a picnic and hike through the Yox Yalley, or across Suffolk’s coastline till your legs will go no further.

Lazing Around
Take a rowboat out onto the lake by Sibton Manor, with a spread of cheese and local pork pies waiting for you on the grass.
Or pick one of the many private terraces to enjoy cool drinks and a light breeze. Nap by the pool under umbrellas, as you wait for the next meal.

Eating Well
Cook together in the modern kitchens, preparing meals on the kitchen island and cooking over a big stove. Or take it easy, with your chef  at hand to prepare homemade meals, to taste.

Holidays with Friends
There are enough bedrooms for the big annual trip with friends; 8 of you stowed away in the Cartshed, or 14 guests taking over the Clockhouse and Barn for a big week of bonding.
And for the active ones, clay pigeon shooting, tennis and the pool will keep them busy. For the rest, open a bottle of wine and nibble on Suffolk cheese.

Romantic Minibreak
Just over 2 hours from London, you can pack a bag, collect your partner and head to the estate for the weekend. Hex Cottage is the place for your digital detox – electricity-free and in a far away mead yet close to the rest of the estate.

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