- Wilderness Reserve

Film Location

This is the sort of backdrop you had in mind.

Short films shot on the lake with Sibton Manor in the background. Summer light and stretches of parkland.

Period dramas which move from lofty Georgian room to pastoral cottage scene. Forget a blank canvas, the props are already here.

Sleeping the Cast and Crew

There’s room to sleep up to 100 people – more if you’re resourceful. Kingsize beds, en suite bathrooms, fresh coffee and eggs to wake up to.

The Big Feeding

This isn’t your average craft service. The chef and kitchen cooks on the estate can bring the film crew together over home cooked meals and provide healthy, organic snacks for quiet movements.
As well as a good bottle of wine to toast the wrap.

A Helping Hand

Our friendly estate staff are there to help with day-to-day living logistics, like laundry and making sure your downtime is spent in comfort.

Talent Care

Diva or not, your talent deserves to refuel and take a break in comfortable surroundings. Whether organizing spa treatments or a special float, it’s one thing off your checklist.

Prop Rooms

Any one of our grand ballrooms can be transformed into a storeroom for props or hair and make up area. The Orangery is just the place to organize the extras, before filming the ballroom scene.

Downtime and Activities

For those long stretches of waiting, make the most of the swimming pool or the gym facilities to reboot. Then back to set, refreshed.

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