Our Seasons

4,500 acres of Wilderness Reserve is your playground for a holiday in the UK. Summer is the time to get outside – stroll, picnic, bike and drink Pimms or fresh lemonade. UK Summer holidays spent with family, or a week-long trip with close friends. It’s up to you whether you do nothing, or every activity under the sun. Spring brings refreshing walks through ancient woodlands carpeted with primroses and bluebells, and keep all the family happy with the all the pursuits you’d expect of an English country estate, plus some you wouldn’t. Winter getaways upon our private parkland can be enjoyed curled up in one of our luxury farmhouses or cottages for a crisp and refreshing winter holiday with family and friends. Or visit in Autumn for golden-tinged trees, hazy morning mists and big Suffolk skies to enjoy from your private luxury property.

Wilderness Reserve
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