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Sibton Park - Wilderness Reserve


Reserve Sibton Park for the ultimate house party

Late nights and lazy breakfasts, brisk walks in nature and tea by the fire.
Sibton Park is your Georgian home for this trip, and the heart of our private estate.

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The Estate - Wilderness Reserve


It’s a luxury escape, with a solid grounding in nature

Wilderness Reserve is late nights round the dinner table, long chats, big skies and forgetting where your room is- after all there are 50 bedrooms to choose from.

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Estate Activities - Wilderness Reserve


Nothing like a bit of healthy competition

Doubles on the tennis court, followed by bike rides across the estate. Mornings in the rowboats on the lake, a shooting trip and a glass of chilled Champagne in the hot tub.

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Hex Cottage - Wilderness Reserve


The sure thing

Dark skies and pure romance as the two of you bed down in the thatched cottage. Mini moons are wiled away under the canopy of the bed, wine is poured on the terrace facing the meadow. Electricity-free, it’s just candlelight tonight.

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Live to eat - Wilderness Reserve

to eat least for this trip

Seasonal picnic for 4? It’s the fridge. Black tie dinner for 16? Take a seat at the table.
And you’re allowed to be picky.

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Wilderness Reserve

Wilderness Reserve


What brings you to Wilderness Reserve?

To light limestone fireplaces and settle in with Merlot for the night, waiting for the chef to announce dinner. To explore 5,000 acres of a 50 bedroom country estate in search of the lake and your cottage for 12.

To revel in nature, spot pheasant and deer, get cosy in a luxurious manor or snuggle up in a thatched roof cottage. To tumble into Hypnos beds and cross under heated floors to a breakfast table where fresh local eggs await.

To soak in large roll top bathtubs after a drive to Southwold or Aldeburgh. To overeat, nap, bond, entertain and party.

To escape – somewhere just like this.

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